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The risks of success.

Warning: A life with any degree of success leaves you at risk of the following:

Becoming confident, conceited, and/or arrogant. Sometimes confidence in your own success makes you seem like one or more of these things to any number of people, depending on who you ask.

Making friends you didn't want or need. Sometimes your success brings a new throng of people, which isn't particularly a good or bad thing - it is what it is. Some successes require a new set of allies and associates to partner with or to even cope with to get through it. Sometimes success simply brings out a different side of you that attracts new companions or turns old acquaintances or even enemies into new friends.

Losing friends you did want or need, sometimes even making enemies of friends. Sometimes your success pushes your good people out of the picture, sometimes you outgrow some people that you truly wanted around for the successes and the failures. Sometimes the new friends just make it harder to keep close to you the friends you do need or want in your life for all the milestones, whether positive or negative.

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