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Milestones should be celebrated, no matter the size.

It happens sometimes. You feel low - been feeling low for a long time. Maybe it isn't a downfall of sorts; it may just be that you just feel like nothing is really happening with you, you're in a rut long-term, or things in your life have been at a pregnant pause.

Suddenly something happens - you get a call about a job interview you've wanted, you get into that school programme you've been looking at, your certificate from that online course you did comes in the mail. You don't really think much about it, but your inner circle - be it mentors, friends, family members, loved ones - make a big deal over it for you. And you're still steadily downplaying it.

But go ahead - celebrate it! It's a milestone, a step in the direction you are meant to be going in, whether it's diminutive or gargantuan in size. It might be getting a new job offer, publishing an article you've worked on or even just losing that first pound in a weight loss journey. No matter how big or small, every monument that brings you closer to your purpose in life deserves a celebration.

So go ahead - make yourself a nice cup of coffee (or tea) and do your happy dance for yourself - because you earned it.

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