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Boss Chic, Naturalista Style - Top reasons for being a leader in style.

It's true. A lot of startup company founders decide that the need to put a proper face (or at least a washed face!) forward is less than a priority when working towards realising the realities of a business, particularly with a constantly-evolving business model. However, it is important for a business leader in any capacity and on any budget to always put his or her best face forward. For us naturalistas, this is particularly imperative and here are the top three reasons why:

You should always be prepared for your window of opportunity. Opportunity can strike at any time on any day. You can look like a number of startup co-founders who choose to dress all the way down or you can at least look put-together, with your business cards organised in your handbag.

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. I know, I know, I know - people are quick to point out that a lot of the world's ultra-wealthy business founders are the dress-down types but let me point out something that is practical albeit sexist: do you ever notice that the ultra-wealthy business founders that are female always look polished and well-dressed no matter what stage of their business? It's sad but true - the same rules for men in the business don't exactly apply to us because of our triple threats: we're female, we're confident in our natural beauty and we're ambitious. So you're striving to be a boss but not quite there yet - why are you dressed like you're living in a refrigerator box?

Your company, your story, your brand = your style. Whether it's your personal blog or a startup aiming for corporation status, as the founder and original leader of the company, you are the face of your brand. Even in the early stages, no startup wants to be seen as sloppy and careless so there's no need for your appearance to look that way either. Remember, as the founder you are one of the first symbols of your company's brand that your potential customers, prospective partners and even investors see. A little effort does wonders for your first impression on them.

In a lot of ways, all three of these reasons relate to one another but each has a distinct feature that makes it relevant in its own right. Just because the health and well-being of your business mean more to you than anything else in life at the moment doesn't mean that your personal appearance (or hygiene!) should also be sacrificed along with everything else.

Can you think of other reasons why naturalista chic as a boss should be a priority? Write your comments below - can't wait to read them!

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