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Busy naturalista life - dressing up the TWA.

So I've gone, bitten the bullet and done the big chop. Now what do I do?

Every Friday when picking out my outfit for weekend drinks. Every Sunday choosing my office attire for the week. Any super-short-coifed naturalista knows the struggle to define her style on an ongoing basis while maintaining the fine balance between being too over-the-top and being outright mistaken for a man. Now don't get me wrong - when I put a little effort into it, I clean up very well with my super-short fade. However, I know more than a few times a week, I find myself in a style rut for any number of reasons but mostly because busyness drains my energy to out effort into my look. Nonetheless, when I do put myself together, I usually follow these few tenets before I go out in style.

Splash on colour. Hair, skin, nails - any splash of colour can - and will - do the trick. This can include a hair colour or some highlights, but a bold hue in the eyeshadow or lipstick can not only complement a great outfit, it can actually make the outfit. Personally, experimenting with colour on super-short hair can be a lot of fun, but keeping a few favourite tones in the makeup and nail polish drawers is imperative.

Add the accessories. They can dress up or dress down the most basic ensemble, whether it's a piece of jewellery, a handbag or a pair of shoes. Usually one conversation-starting piece can be enough or a few coordinated pieces, like a jewellery set or handbag and shoes. I'm a personal fan of oversized sunglasses for the most part, but at an indoors event, chunky jewellery is almost always good for making a statement.

Bring a bit of drama. Yes, bring the drama - just make sure it's only to your ensemble! Whether it's showing off a little bit of curves, a sliver of skin or a drastic eyeliner, giving your outfit an edge is almost always mandatory. Personally showing off a curve here or there is inherent in an outfit, but every so often there's a time when a little more drama like stark eyeliner or showing off some skin (or even a bit of both!) is very very necessary.

Nurture the naturale. This one is important and should never be forgotten - making sure that you look good underneath the outfit is paramount. Keeping physically fit; drinking lots of water; getting in the right amount of nutrients; protecting one's skin from the elements - these are all key elements to keeping you as (if not even more) beautiful without your outfit as you are in it. Taking care of your body and treating your hair, skin and nails well from the inside out is the most important style secret for any naturalista, no matter how busy we get.

Colour, accessories and a little bit of drama.

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