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A trailblazer in status quo.

Some people just aren't wired to maintain the norms.

ISQ. In Status Quo. We've all heard it or are familiar with the concept. Colouring within the lines, staying in your lane, keeping to your role, all cut and sliced from the same idea - adhering to the norm. Maintaining the status quo.

This is not to knock those who do their utmost to keep to it; this is merely to highlight a pertinent fact to those amongst you who stay in their lane in hopes of becoming a revolutionary or being a trailblazer in your own right.

By pure implication, a revolutionary will be tasked with challenging the norms and if truly daring, creating new ones. So listen up. For a visionary or a pioneer, the rewards for sticking to the status quo tend to be minimal at best. With very few exceptions.

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