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A Few Top Essentials for the Busy Naturalista

There are more than enough blogs on the world wide web about natural hair, its maintenance and growth, new styles, you name it. I can't say that I've never been intrigued and at times perplexed by the amount of information out there on the topic and I've definitely wanted to try a number of those styles. But if you're a fellow naturalista (and a busy one, at that), you will definitely agree when I say that a lot of us really don't have time for most of that. So here are a few of the top essentials that I find indispensable as a busy naturalista.

A moisturising hair spritz. A spray bottle with water and moisturising oil is usually all you need (I use avocado oil, but I know some that opt for coconut oil or olive oil - it's a matter of personal choice and what works best for you). If you would rather a product with the same general effect, that's also fine.

Satin pillowcase. Let's face it: some of us are terrible sleepers, and scarves can and will come off. It helps to have a satin headscarf (to retain hair moisture as much as possible), but if/when it comes off, the satin pillowcase always helps.

A good shampoo. Shampoo, Soap, Cleanser, Clarifier, you can call it whatever you like. Sometimes plain conditioner just won't do the trick - no matter what anyone tells you. Personally, I try to avoid parabens and sulphates.

Conditioner/detangler. One product that does both (preferably) is a must-have in the arsenal. Personally, I have gotten into the habit of silicone- and sulphate-free conditioners and I survive just fine.

Exercise headscarf. Sweat can be pretty damning when it comes to helping a naturalist retain moisture, so the scarf helps mitigate that. In addition, the headscarf keeps a busy active naturalista from fussing with her hair during a workout!

Go-to protective hairstyles. Low-maintenance. Low-manipulation. You've heard the terms. Having 3-4 such hairstyles on hand to mix things up keeps the naturalista at her optimum while protecting her mane in the process.

Here's hoping you found this helpful. When life is busy, there will be days when hair is the last thing on your mind. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way forward.

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