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A Note on Angry Birds. Smartphone and social media games apply too.

Note: This is in no way a slur or character defamation on the game, the game creator or the video game company. Everyone enjoys a good game every so often. This is to the rest of the general population who eats into large pieces of their time to play these games.

Angry Birds is a FRIGGIN WASTE OF TIME!!!!!! The inventors are making a financial killing at the moment regardless, while your wages depend on whether or not you actually get work done. In the same vein, your life and your safety depends on actually knowing your surroundings and not how many points you've racked in while driving, biking, canoeing or getting around on foot. The inventors or gaming companies will not be paying medical expenses or funeral bills for any life or livelihood infringements incurred while playing any of their games.

Same goes for Farmville, Candy Crush and any other games that cause mass distraction during generally accepted office hours.

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