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Workout by aggression - the top 4 venting exercises.

Ask anyone you know who exercises and they'll have any number of different reasons. Some work out for personal health, some work out to increase their productivity in general but every so often some people work out to blow off some steam. And lots of it. Here are the top four workouts by aggression; there's no denying that if you've tried at least one of these workouts, you felt like a load came off when you finished.


Kickboxing, speed bag, shadow boxing, sparring. No matter how you try and play it down, pounding a bag with one's fists just seems to get out more and more anger with each and every cross, jab, parry and (sometimes) the occasional roundhouse kick.

Kettle bells.

Yes, it's grueling and there are some workouts you feel like you want to die. But somehow it gets out all the tension and rage that seems to build up sometimes. Just a word of caution - keep your grip mid-swing!

Contact sports.

Wrestling, American football, rugby, lacrosse... The aggression is baked right in just as it effervesces off the field, enough said.


Apparently it has to do with swinging the bat, connecting with the ball that results in the clunking sound (sometimes pretty loud) that sends that ball flying somewhere. Sometimes across a field, sometimes just across the batting cage. But somehow, the harder you hit that ball, the more steam that seems to dissipate. Same principle seems to apply to quiet, waspy games like golf.

We all need to vent from time to time. Some of us just tend to use our workouts to channel our venting, while some of us wish we could. It's not that hard with batting cages, golf courses/putting greens, local arenas and open fields with neighbourhood teams within walking distance.

So get on your trainers and get out there. I'm sure your body - and mind - will thank you for it.

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