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Two for the win: top reasons for the rise of the superset.

If you've been working out for some time now (or even if you're a fitness neophyte as of the last year or so), you will have heard or seen a lot of buzz about a workout technique known as the superset. But why all the hype? Here are three of my favourite reasons.

Low maintenance (well, relatively). The right choice of a pair of workout moves, your gym kit and your earphones is pretty all you need. Timer is optional but very much welcome.

Isolated muscle group conditioning. If you're someone who is strict about having your leg days dedicated to your pegs, the right combination gives you the right amount of burn.

Total body potential. If you're a person on the go and need a total body workout, the right pair of exercises gives all of you a workout and keeps you sweating for a while to come.

Personally, I've found that adding my timer to my supersets helps me to push myself harder, whether I'm working on a strict time interval or aiming for a certain number of reps every minute on the minute. The physical and mental switch keeps me quick on my feet and motivated to get through my workouts. But don't take my word for it - try it for yourself.

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