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Tribute to a Gentle Giant.

While this fortnight is usually reserved for Informed Life Consent, this particular post falls on an auspicious day in my calendar. Forty-one years ago today marked the birth of my brother from another mother, who now acts as a guardian angel for me and those to whom he meant so much.

Sheldon Gerard Pierre was a friend of mine who looked at the bright side of everything, rarely ever complained and always had an unnerving ability to remain calm in even the most stressful situations. He gave this life one hell of a fight and lived as much as he possibly could in his forty years on this Earth, always trying new things, embarking on new adventures and inviting new people and experiences into his world. In January 2015, he departed this life after a long hard battle with multiple myeloma; through a lot of it, I rarely ever saw him upset about his diagnosis, his treatment or his prognosis. He fought with his strong yet calm disposition - it is that strength and calm that I try to take with me every single day, and it is his willingness to accept the unfamiliar that I try my best to channel when this life throws its many unpredictable curve balls.

For those of you who never met Geeves, sometimes I cry for you and I can only hope that you have the privilege to encounter someone like him. Happy Birthday, Geeves. We miss you and love you so much, and we hope the cake is awesome!

P.S. Anyone interested in donating to his Memorial Fund can click here.

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