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Top 4 gym-free workouts...

Okay okay okay okay... I'll admit it. I'm fairly partial to the old school style of workouts. As much as I love my arsenal of workout gear and equipment (I'm pretty much glued into my FitFour callus guard gloves and use my kettlebells at least once a week), some of my most refreshing workouts have been done with no gym, no equipment, no machines. Here are some top favourites:

Bodyweight training. Calisthenics, plyometrics, burpees, pushups, squats, lunges, pull-ups - however you like it. Some of these moves are slow and steady, some are explosive and power-packed but nothing gets your adrenaline going quite like it.

Shadow boxing. Jab, cross, upper-cut, parry, duck, body punch... you don't even need a pair of gloves to get your gears going (you can forego the gloves or even pick up a pair of lightweight dumbbells or wrist weights to build up your strength). Sometimes all you need is a good shadow to follow - and once you start throwing punches and moving around, yours is the best you've got.

Swimming. A swimsuit is pretty much all you need to get yourself sorted for this workout. Whether you're getting in an even-tempered breast stroke, a full-forced butterfly or the freestyle and backstroke that can get your heart rate pumping hard anywhere in between those two extremes, this equipment-free, no-frills workout gets your heart and endorphins racing. Every time.

Leg work. Walk, run, jog... pick one, pick all, doesn't even matter. The simplest way to get your heart rate clear into the "cardio" zone is to just put on your sneakers and use those legs you stand on!

What about you? What are some of your favourites? Leave a comment below!

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