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The teeny weeny afro (TWA) - keys to maintenance.

Okay, not a lot of people are like me - many people love the thought of spending an entire day (sometimes two!) in the hair salon between the shampoo basin and the stylist chair. "I love sitting in the stylist chair for eight hours at a time!", said no one I know, like ever. While some of us have more than enough time to spare on doing hair alone, a lot of us prefer being very concise when it comes to making sure our hair is looking groomed.

Granted, being a naturalista in and of itself can be time-consuming with the plethora of information out there to wade through, but keeping a TWA or any short 'do as a naturalista can be done and maintained. Personally, I made the conscientious decision about a year ago to maintain a super short coif as a naturalista and since then, I've learned a few key things that keep my routine as low-maintenance as I can possibly get it.

Choose a cut and/or style that flatters you and that fits into your overall look. I must admit that this can take a bit of time to actually find that one style that you feel is perfectly you, but once you do, you will know it. When you do, remember to take lots of good photos of it so you can easily recall it when you get to your stylist again.

Keep your favourite barber and/or hairdresser on speed dial and make regular appointments. Once again, finding that one stylist can take some time, but you will know when you find it. And when you do, keep him or her on speed dial then gauge how often you need to go in for maintenance cuts and trims (this time period, for most people, is usually 4-6 weeks). If need be, book your appointments in advance especially if you know that you have a popular stylist.

Decide which products you like to use on your hair and stick to them. If you have a cleansing and treatment routine that you find works for you, maintain that. Some of us still need time to perfect our regimen even though we have all the right ingredients but once you have those, you're well on your way. Make sure that you have the following products in tow: cleanser (some people like shampoo or prefer a no-poo or co-wash), conditioner, deep treatment, styling aids and the product(s) of your choice that help keep your hair and scalp moisturised and well-nourished.

Keep your hair beautiful and nourished from the inside out. Just because you're keeping your hair super short or at the TWA stage indefinitely doesn't mean that you can skimp on the love you give it from the fundamental level. Make sure you're still taking your hair skin and nail vitamins and taking in as much water as possible.

Most importantly, remember to feel beautiful and comfortable with your hair. Keeping a short, well-put-together hairstyle doesn't have to be a long ordeal - and loving your hair the way it is sometimes makes the process that much simpler. Take it from me, a true naturalista that went for the big chop many times over and has yet to look back.

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