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The risks and complications of adulthood, Volume 4.

The next item on the list goes hand in hand with the last risk.


The inadvertent complication of reinforced expectations, which usually manifests in adulthood. Usually happens something like this: you get positive reinforcement resulting from something you've done, or society inculcates the need for a certain chain of events to occur as a result of some trigger. After this happens enough times, you have come to expect this same occurrence each time the trigger presents itself, which after a while leads to a perception that this is the basic need in this event. Similarly, this also leaves you subject to disappointment.

Example: The media portrays the perception that when someone is asked out on a date, the date needs to buy flowers; this leads to the expectation that flowers are a standard gift from a date when one gets asked out. With the rising prices of literally everything in the world (including flowers), good luck with that one.

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