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The little that takes us a long way...

Patience, empathy and faith are tools that seem stupid to some, but can carry you a very long way. While very separate and not required at all times, these three qualities feel linked in many situations we encounter. Sometimes patience, empathy and faith are needed when we can't squeeze past the slow walker in front of us on the sidewalk; we have ten minutes to get across town when we know we're running way past late; and we know full well that he/she is going as fast as their definition of possible. Sometimes only your patience gets tapped when the person sitting across from you in an important meeting isn't "so much" comfortable with words. Sometimes empathy is your ally when you're asked for a handout from the stranger on the street. Sometimes faith keeps you going when you feel like the light at the end of a tunnel never seems to flicker.

Separate or together, these pieces of our puzzle make our picture a little less grainy, a little clearer, a little more fulfilled. And sometimes, when we let it, a little less dull and a lot more hopeful.

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