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The Centralised Fitness Pass - the new fitness movement.

Fitness in any way, shape or form for everyone. Access to fitness classes, gym passes all rolled into one. Many of us either have seen an ad for one, bought (or considered buying) one or know someone who has. The centralised gym membership has become one of the latest and most popular movements in fitness. Seeing many of the ads around for things like GuavaPass, KFit, ClassPass and several other similar companies with the same pedigree of services, I opted to try one of the passes out partly because I was in need of a push to shake things up in my exercise routine but mostly to see what the fuss was all about.

I do have the answer to why it's so popular and the answer is this: depending on the consumer's behaviour, it becomes value for money. First of all, most of these passes tend to be relatively affordable and give you access to various gym facilities in the area; sometimes the gym facilities extend beyond your current location and allow you to stay fit when you travel around different regions, even different continents. Second of all, the number of passes (albeit limited to a certain number of visits a month) to a particular facility gives the user enough variety to keep things interesting when it comes to keeping fit. Third of all, a lot of these passes not only included gym access but also allow the member to sign up for classes in various fitness disciplines and some even allow passes for leisure activities (one particular pass has passes for paintball!) and different spa treatment and/or therapy sessions. Finally, the variety and pedigree of services that are offered by the central gym pass can pretty much ensure that even choosing any 2-3 sessions per week gives you time to keep mentally and physically fit, all for a price equivalent to as little as a week's worth of lunch outings to a week's worth of groceries. Put those altogether, and that's a reasonably priced recipe for keeping fit and keeping fit interesting. At least for me.

Have you had any experience with the centralised fitness pass? Did you like it? Did you hate it?

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