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The beauty of a scar.

There will come a time in our lives where we're wounded to the point that healing leaves a scar in its wake. It may be from a scrape or bruise from horsing around with friends, being mischievous or just an innocent misstep; sometimes it may even be a gash big enough to need a doctor's help to close up. Other scars may be unseen by the eyes, but are internal, emotional, mental. Maybe a harsh word from a loved one, a friend or even a stranger may leave a gash in our confidence. Maybe a relationship or a situation leaves our self-esteem or even our soul in jagged little pieces, each part not quite apposed as it was originally.

Some of these scars to our naked eyes make us feel like we are ugly, unsightly, unattractive to the outside world. Some of these scars can even make us seem to the outside world bitter, unbearable, unlovable. But it is our own perception of our scars that shape the better, stronger versions of who we were, make us who we are. Because scars do make us stronger, better, faster, more resilient. So in a sense, scars are birthmarks - new signs of our personal rebirth. And therein lies their true beauty, our true beauty.

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