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Sometimes a yard stick is just a yard stick.

There will come a time when society and even people in your circle (be it friends or family) may mention stories or people that are unhealthy to one's self-worth. Sometimes it's intentional; sometimes it isn't - nonetheless, it can be these little anecdotes that inadvertently make you question your own accomplishments, success or life progress, sometimes even make you doubt yourself.

Just remember, everyone has their own cross to bear, their own path to traverse - and all in their due time, at their own pace. One person's gauge of his or her successes is not everyone's; just because you attain a goal at lightning speed doesn't mean everyone else has to feel ashamed for not moving just as fast. Unlike geometry and mathematics and every other exacting science on Earth, the individual human experience cannot be measured by the ruler.

After all, sometimes a yard stick is just a wooden plank with writing on it.

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