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No shame in not feeling it. No shade in not letting everyone know it.

There will be times in your life when it feels like the world is weighing you down and getting the best of you. There will be times when you feel all alone, like no one could possibly comprehend your struggle and it feels impossible to feel good again. There's no shame in that - it happens to each of us, some of us feel it more often than others.

When these times come around, it's best to remember that some of those you love can be counted on to listen, console and even help share the burden. Not everyone in your life - and not everyone you love - can handle your struggle or your story. And that's okay, too - it's the way of the world and not every story is relatable to every audience. There's no shade in that - life happens that way for all of us, on both ends of the situation.

So there will be many places you go where you can't bear your pain and the skin-teeth smile needs to stay smeared on; people that you have to hide the hurt from; times when you have to laugh to cover up the lack. Always remember that when your true smile and your real heartfelt laughter return to you, you'll definitely know it and there'll be no need to fight it.

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