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Introduction - Confessions of a Busy Expat Naturalista.

As a naturalista, maintaining (or transitioning back to) natural hair is a daily journey - physically and mentally. When I say mentally, I mean steeling my nerves against some of the thoughts that cross my mind when someone makes a comment or gesture that relates to my hair. And as a busy naturalista who's lived abroad for sometime, it has happened to me more than once a fortnight - and if it's happened to me, it's happened to other natural-haired beauties.

As funny as it is (in the spirit of finding the bright side of things), it gets annoyed and sometimes borders on infuriating. So at times, my blog may be punctuated with short, terse confessions running through my mind at any of these times or the minds of some of my other fellow naturalistas. It's not meant to offend anyone or call any particular someone out, it's just ramblings (and sometimes rants) that have become part and parcel of being a busy expat naturalista. Stay tuned...

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