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Home Gym Day - What is a Pyramid Workout?

Square tile depicting female torso after work. Pyramid protocol workout routine -  Jumping jacks / Prisoner squat jacks; Inverted V push-ups / Alternating mountain climbers and Spider man planks
Pyramid Protocol Workout

I have a bad and good habit of using certain principles to tweak my workouts, like tonight's Pyramid. It's a good habit for rediscovering old ways and learning new ways to keep my body in shape. It's a bad habit because it always leaves me in a dilemma about whether or not I can share my experiences and routines with others without running the risk of infringing on someone's intellectual rights or stepping on people's toes by not giving credit where it's due.

The pyramid workout method is something I came across on the website when surfing the Internet for moves to incorporate into my home workout one day as I have come across many interesting concepts that I find efficient and exciting to test out. Basically, there are a series of moves in a set and the object is to build up the number of repetitions with each set then once the peak is hit, the number of reps per set will decrease until you're back down to one repetition. In the original post I saw, there were two exercises to do, with a peak count of 15 repetitions. However, the first time I tried it, I was completely breathless by the time I get to set #6 so I usually have to turn back at 10!

Since then, I have tried the pyramid method by combining exercise moves on my own and carrying them out. Tonight, I decided to try a collection of four exercises (listed below) instead of the original two and gauged myself, as usual, to determine my peak. Today, I managed to set my peak at 12 repetitions and I was beyond drenched with sweat by the 7th set! The second half of the workout was just as strenuous as sweat began to cloud my vision - literally - but I felt like I'd conquered a mountain once I'd gotten back to the final set of a single repetition.

Have you tried the pyramid workout method?

How did you feel afterwards? Let me know what you think of it!

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