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Gym Partners - Top 4 Considerations When Choosing One

Sometimes we all need a little nudge from a buddy in our corner - some of us need a partner in these endeavours requiring long-term maintenance and support. A lot of times, it has to do with exercise. Having a gym partner works well for some people, but there are some things to think about before you call up your bestie or significant other and suggest training together. Here are a couple of those considerations you should bear in mind when choosing a gym buddy.

Motivation. What is their motivation level? Are they willing to give and take little nudges to get into the zone? What are their reasons for training? What are their training goals? Does their training motivation have a timeline or is training a new lifestyle? Are all these similar or identical to your own reasons and goals?

Attitude. What is their personality like, inside and outside of the gym? Are they flexible when it comes to their training environments and styles? What are their attitudes toward food?

Baseline Physical Activity. How physically active are they daily? How active are they when they're in their training environment? What are their workout habits? Is your buddy a weekend warrior or a daily gym junkie?

Discipline. What are their training habits? Do they laze about on one machine or do they kill it in their zone for their entire workout? What are their eating habits? What does their diet look like before and after the workout? How do they treat themselves on weekends and "cheat" days?

This goes without saying, gym buddies aren't for everyone. But if and when you need one, be sure you make a clear, informed choice. Happy Hunting!

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