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Gaining, losing and regaining your edge.

There will come a time in all of our lives when we witness an unfair advantage in motion. A prepubescent kid playing with paper dolls lands a job as creative director of a high-end fashion label. Your supervisor hires the new intern to take the job that you thought you'd spent the last years being groomed for. The scholarship you've been applying for goes to someone who didn't even bother applying.

Some of us will see this happen only in movies or in the media. Some of us witness it first hand, whether it was us being passed over or we spend our days consoling the friend or loved one who did. Unfair advantage can and will bring feelings of angst, anger, cynicism or even bitterness. It's imperative to push past the bitter or the anger, and keep on going because the further you move, the closer you get to your own advantage, however fair it may be.

So scream, hit the punching bag a bit, run or walk it out - then look within and search for the inspiration you need to keep striving, keep pushing, keep moving forward.

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