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5 Signs that You Have the "Global Citizen" Gene

Sometimes everyone wishes to get away from it all. For some of us, life abroad is who we are and everywhere has a touch that feels like home to them. The citizens of the world is imbedded in our DNA - some are just carriers and others are full-blown manifestations. The spectrum can range from short study-abroad stints to extended stays on foreign soil, but it all comes down to your "Global Citizen" gene. Here are five signs that you have one.

1. The daily work grind leaves you feeling stifled and claustrophobic. Getting home in the evenings does very little to help.

2. Most of your free time is spent researching your next geographic destination.

3. Topics not involving travel, world events, foreign cultures or exotic themes bore you to tears.

4. You have mastered (or attempted to learn) more than one foreign language by any means possible. Online courses, immersion programmes in foreign countries and getting under someone who doesn't speak your language totally count.

5. You spend more than half the weekends in a year away from your home city and you love it. Even when you travel for work.

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